Paul Click

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Paul Click is the owner and founder of ClickStop Photography. ClickStop Photography is involved in most types of general photography, including weddings, portraits, sports, pets or other animals, and general "stock" photography. We can digitize your existing photographs for restoration and safe-keeping, and we can create wonderful DVDs of your photographs, or our photographs of your event, and set them beautifully to music. These are truly marvelous!

For very special treatments, let ClickStop Photography turn a portrait or other image into a one-of-a-kind watercolor, oil painting or "glamor" photo! These must be seen to be appreciated!

The photos on this website are updated regularly and are available for purchase. They are suitable for ordering in most sizes, or in any of the many specialty products offered here. You will be able to see when different cropping is required, or when the image does not have enough resolution for the size you desire. In that case, please email, so we can supply an image with adequate resolution. To see the many specialty products available, click on "Buy this Photo," then in the shopping cart click on the "Merchandise" tab. Photographs and the wonderful specialty gifts make great gifts for lasting memories.  

Thank you...

Contact Paul at ClickStop Photography at or (626) 437-9672 cell.